STANISLAV ABRAHÁM - audiovisual performer / sound artist / musician

Diagramma (2013) - installation – projection, objects, turntables
Spatial audiovisual installation comprised of three projection screens, three kinetic objects in the form of turntables and multi-channel audio system. Through the transformation of text by mechanical movement of text on cylinder in front of the viewer's eyes and lenses of camcorders, I'm trying to outline a broader context of the relationship between spoken, written and printed word, visual coding and decoding language. Reduce typographic text on mere visual potential, manifested in the form of an ornament.

Circle is not line (2012) - online performance/installation

I'm not looking at you. You're looking at me. (The Economy of Attention) (2011) - online video

The End Of Youtube (2011) - online video

Beasts (2009) - performance documentation

Untitled (2007) - video