STANISLAV ABRAHÁM - audiovisual performer / sound artist / musician

DARK TRAIN (2016) - sound design for Indie computer game - WORK IN PROGRESS!!!
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Tygří lejno, voňavka a vetřelec. (2016) - sound design for radio documentary play

INSOMNIA (2015) - sound design for dance film

INSOMNIA 2015 from Kristýna Bartošová on Vimeo.

Anticodes (2013) - sound design and interaction programming
The latest multimedia plays the main role in a visual and dance production based on Václav Havel’s collection of experimental poetry of the same name. See the Laterna magika of the 21st century at the New Stage of the National Theatre!

Luminous Flux (2011) - sound design for mapping

Luminous Flux from The Macula on Vimeo.

Cinepur - Cinematography magazine trailer (2011)

The 600 Years (2010) - sound design for mapping